Designed and prepared master plan design options for a one–half square mile riverfront redevelopment site for the Central Business District in Kunshan, China. Goals of the plan which I defined and accomplished include:

· Review of Chinese planning policies, programs, initiatives and regulations.

· Identification of local economic development opportunities capitalizing on existing industries and infrastructure, and promotion of a diverse, and sustainable mixed–use base to attract foreign investment and to support residential, commercial and industrial development.

· Promoted protection and enhancement of historically key canal systems; highlighted opportunities for renewable energy and nature related leisure activities.

· Applied sustainable planning principles such as minimizing automobile traffic exposure through promotion of bicycle and pedestrian avenues, minimizing commuting distances by promoting mixed–use development.

The site is a highly visible location in downtown Kunshan. One third of the site along the riverfront will be recreational use, and two thirds of the site will be used as the financial center with evening attractors drawing visitors from the whole city. It will have office buildings, commercial, restaurant, night clubs and retail.


Design Development Architect


Economic & Technological Development Zone, Kunshan, China